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Dental Crowns

Why do I need a crown?

A fractured tooth is a common problem. Teeth containing large silver or white fillings that cover a majority of the tooth and effectively separate the cusps cause a large degree of flexing of the remaining natural tooth. With enough stress and time, the natural tooth cusp can separate completely. A full coverage crown replaces the missing cusp(s) as well as supports the natural remaining cusp(s).

Single Visit (Same Day) Crowns

Traditionally, preparing a tooth for a crown involved two dental visits, gooey impressions and temporary crowns. Many teeth now are good candidates for all ceramic (metal-free), single visit, in house fabricated crowns. With our state-of-the-art digital impressions, we remove the need for messy impressions and non-ideal temporary crowns.

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I’ve had this Crown for a Long Time.
Why Do I Need Another One?

Sometimes a tooth with a crown can become decayed- a situation that surprises some people, because crowns are made of metal or ceramic and can’t be dissolved by the acid that causes cavities. So the crown itself can’t get decay, but the underlying tooth, however, is still vulnerable to acid attacks. Very often, (especially if the crown isn’t regularly flossed), plaque will accumulate at the intersection of crown and tooth (called the margin around the gum line) and it is here where the cavity can begin. Once established, the cavity can grow quickly, burrowing under the crown and decaying the tooth beneath.